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Clientele Life Legal- Do Not Get Caught Like I Was!

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About a year ago I was involved in a civil suit, it was the very first time I had ever needed to call on the assistance of a lawyer and boy was I shocked at the fees! It cost me R 920 per hour and I was assured this was a good price! This little incident opened my eyes and led me to search for a more economical way to have the legal assistance, and that is when I came across Clientele Life- Legal. After doing some research and speaking to some people who use Clientele legal I came away with a better understanding of what they offer.

Clientele life has been a trusted name in the insurance business for more than 15 years. The insurance products that Clientele life offer are; Life Plan, Hospital cover and dreaded disease cover. And then they also offer legal cover called the Protection plan.

What do they offer?

The Protection Plan is offered by Clientele legal, and allows you legal assistance plus other added benefits. From the moment you take out the Protection plan, and within the first 3 month period you are allowed 24 hour legal assistance over the phone. After this 3 month period you will be appointed a lawyer to help you when you are in need of legal assistance. You are issued a card with a telephone number you call in the case of needing access to a lawyer.

Civil cases: These are not criminal in nature, its generally on property, business, personal domestic problems, divorces and so forth where ones constitutional and personal rights are breached.

Criminal cases: If you were unfairly accused of a criminal act, you will be issued a lawyer under the cover of the plan.

Labour cases: If your rights have been violated within your place of work, your lawyer from Clientele will help you taking legal action against unfair dismissals, unfair salary deductions and so forth.

What is the cost and what are the extra benefits?

I was quite shocked to find out that I only needed to pay from as little as R 120 per month, which would entitle me to R 120 000 worth of legal advice for the year or R 1.2 million for life. Clientele also offers a cash back reward for every 36 months that you have paid you receive 3 months of premiums back regardless of whether you have claimed. Another added from Clientele is that if you are retrenched they give you a 3 month grace period, which will not affect your premiums thereafter. You are also given a free will document, and Clientele legal will also keep your will in safe custody.

Do not be like me and wait for something like a civil suit to happen before I got cover. Do some research and get yourself covered, at R 120 a month you really cannot afford to be without it.