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Getting Family Legal Aid Wirral is not Always Simple or Possible

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A few years ago it seemed that every second person you met was getting some sort of legal aid for various legal problems. However, the truth is that getting family legal aid Wirral is not always so simple or even possible. Everything depends on the nature of the case and your circumstances. Solicitors Wirral and other places need to look at everything before they can decide whether or not you can get legal aid./p>

Even if you are eligible for funding, there are rules which have to be followed and sometimes extra costs which need to be allowed for. In all aspects you need to be guided by the advice of your solicitors in Wirral, or wherever. They will be able to tell you exactly where you stand regarding funding and what your options are.

General family help

This includes the services under Legal help to resolve a family dispute through negotiating or otherwise. But it also includes issuing proceedings and representation where necessary to secure the early resolution of a family dispute. It also includes obtaining a consent order following an agreement of matters which were in dispute. It does not cover representation at a contested final hearing.

Extra costs you may have to pay and the statutory charge

The money or property you get with the help of public funding will be used first to repay your legal costs to the Legal Services Commission and you will receive anything left over. There are some exceptions and rules but these changes from time to time. As always, be guided by your solicitor.

If the statutory charge has to be paid

Payment can be postponed if the charge relates to your home or the home of your dependants. The statutory charge can also be postponed where it is to be paid out of money which is to be used to buy a home for yourself or your dependants. Your solicitor will give you more information about the effects of the statutory charge before you decide to go ahead with your case.

When you become involved with solicitors law Wirral, or anywhere else for that matter, you need to realise that you have to put yourself in their hands completely because the law is so vast and complicated that if you try to do things yourself, or ignore their advice, you are liable to make a mistake. This mistake could be a minor one but even such a small thing can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to legal matters.

Solicitors in the Wirral area are experienced with all matters regarding the law and while they are not experts in every area, they will have specialised in certain areas and so be proficient in them. They will be able to guide you in matters regarding fees, funding, family legal aid Wirral residents can access and all your options regarding your case. They will also help you with related matters and point you in the right direction for further assistance.